Marlene B. Calgary, Alberta

“As a long-standing condo owner, I would like to take this opportunity to thank and commend Allana Jakeman, Administrative Assistant from Renaissance Management, for her professional approach to my many questions and concerns. Her timeliness and expert advice were consistently evident. It was always a pleasure to deal with her and assurance that addressing any issue I presented would be dealt with in a satisfactory way that went above and beyond what was expected.”

Sharon & Brian S. Calgary, Alberta

“Recently my husband and I were fortunate enough to use the services of Robert Lunge to review our condo documents with us. He was very knowledgeable and very patient with us as we were first time condo purchasers and really did not know what the documents entailed and how to read them. We appreciated the professionalism he exhibited and no question was too menial to answer. We would highly recommend him and the services his company provides with no hesitation. Thank you Bob Lunge.”

Jennifer L. Calgary, Alberta

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bob over many years. His knowledge of the condominium industry and investigative input on issues has proven valuable on projects throughout our complex. He has demonstrated patience when dealing with challenging situations on behalf of the condominium.”

Joanne S. Calgary, Alberta

”Our property and governance decisions are always assisted by the depth and breadth of Bob’s experience in the complex condominium industry. He has been responsive and accessible, and the continuing value and prestige of our property is in part due to the excellent oversight and support to Owners and the Board. Personally, I have been grateful for the continuity of Bob’s professionalism and diligence over the years.”

Tara S. Calgary, Alberta

“When I purchased my condominium in the Mission area a few years ago, I requested the assistance of Bob to review the condominium documents. Bob explained the importance of a thorough review in order for me to make an informed purchase. As a first- time home buyer, I appreciated his patience and attention to detail in the review process. Through his analysis of both the financial records and reserve studies, certain ‘red flags’ were brought to my attention about the potential requirement for a Special Assessment in the near future. And, in fact, a year later, there was an assessment levied. I would highly recommend Bob for his experience, professionalism and thoroughness.”

Denny B. Calgary, Alberta

“I have had the pleasure of Robert Lunge’s expertise since first moving into our condominium complex in 2004. Having sat on the condominium association’s Board for many years, I witnessed firsthand how very well he manages our property, works and communicates with people, and provides accurate financial accounting management and analysis. He contributes excellent knowledge and advice and superior project management skills. Robert’s skills and actions that have so adeptly taken good care of both the property and its residents. In summary, Robert’s expertise gave me the confidence to assume the role of Board President for several years.”