Condominium Management

After 35 years serving condominium owners in Calgary, Renaissance Management is committed to provide your corporation with a personalized service unequalled in the industry today. We stand behind this service and, therefore, offer a contract that can be terminated with sixty (60) days notice during the first 12 month term at any time.35 years serving condominium owners in Calgary!

One of the most frustrating things for you as a property owner and investor is not to be kept current of the activities and affairs of your property. Communication is stressed.

Our reputation for integrity and a “shirt-sleeves” approach to management is well known. The importance of hands – on management and the necessity of frequent communication cannot be over-stressed in condominium management.

Our philosophy is to provide you as much back up support as necessary to ensure efficient and effective stewardship of your asset. To that end, all our managers are acquainted with your property’s requirements, and unlike most property management companies, the principal of Renaissance Management is directly involved in the administration and daily management of your complex.

Boards frequently state that the major source of frustration is the continual replacement of the manager that is assigned to manage their complex. There appears to be a lack of continuity and the Board must constantly retrain the manager.

The redundancy that is built in to our management style assures the Board that, even if a manager is away from the office undertaking inspections, or is on holidays, queries can be addressed in an informed manner by any staff member. Even the accountants are encouraged to visit sites that are managed.

We encourage the treasurer to meet with our accountant to review our financial statements to better understand their presentation and to review our accounting procedures.

Services and Capabilities:


Emergency calls are usually returned within minutes. On call representative 24 hours per day /seven days a week All staff are on cellular phone with emergency servicing back-up.


National Bank – 6 Ave. S.W. (no monthly fees except for $.11 per EFT transaction and obtain 1.2% interest on reserve accounts)
Simply accounting software
Arrear collections by personal telephone call with letter delivery follow-up
Banking signing authority by named Board representatives


35 years serving condominium owners in Calgary, we have no in- house services. This is based on our philosophy of maintaining arm’s length negotiations and thereby avoiding any conflict of interest situations.

We have maintained excellent relations with numerous qualified and reputable trades. Existing contractors, whose work is satisfactory to the Board, will definitely be used. However, in keeping with our policy to provide efficient and effective management, we would advise the Board of any deficiencies detected and act promptly to correct them.

For all major projects, we attempt to obtain three estimates based on specific specifications. All tenders are reviewed with the Board, which selects and signs the contracts. Warranties must be specified as to material and workmanship on the tender form along with the requisite liability insurance and proof of Workers Compensation. Inspections for any major work are frequent and could be daily.

Board Relations:

Frequent inspections are essential to monitor trades and supervise the activities of your community.
Monthly Board reports are submitted to each Board member detailing all work completed or in progress.
Monthly detailed financial statements are presented to the Treasurer, and each Board member receives a financial report summary.
A part from our regular monthly inspections, we recommend that detailed inspections with members of the Board are undertaken twice per year.
Maintenance logs are recorded daily and sent to Boards with our Board reports for meetings so that Board members are updated on all maintenance activities that occur within the complex.

Frequent telephone/e-mail communications are stressed with Board designated representative – Grounds Person or Chairman.
Our company types minutes and newsletters, if required, at no additional cost. Bulk mailing and copying will be charged at cost.
Regular Board designated work and correspondence is completed within one week. Estimates for major work may require longer lead time. Most requests for service e.g. repairs of roofs, eaves, decks, or garbage enclosures usually 2 to 3 days.


The number of meetings that we would attend for a Corporation would be four (6) including one Annual General meeting. Most Boards do not meet over the summer in July and August or over the Christmas season in December.

In so stating, we have never charged extra for any meetings and if emergency meetings were required, a representative would be in attendance.
We are sensitive to time constraints and other commitments outside of condominium matters that beset you as volunteer Board members. Therefore, due to our frequent communication, regular inspections, monthly board reports and continual updates on work in progress, Board meetings that normally serve only to convey information as to status of current events are not required.

Board members are apprised of all actions and any new business throughout the month.


We offer a 6 month probationary contract. We understand the importance of earning your trust and confidence. It is important that, as a Board, you are entirely comfortable with us representing you and your owners as ‘Stewarts’ of your home. Normally, the term of the initial contract is for two (2) years and subsequent renewals are for one (1) year.

Replacement Reserves:

Replacement Reserve Funds are a financial barometer, of sorts, that provide an indication of the overall stability and administrative strength of the corporation.

Reserve studies required to be arranged and reviewed with Board. It is incumbent on the Board to establish an adequate reserve budget according to reserves schedules as set out in a study.

Investments must maximize returns while minimizing risks and maintaining flexibility. Therefore, the establishment of an investment strategy encompassing short and long term investments in keeping with replacement schedules is fundamental.


After 35 years serving condominium owners in Calgary, we recognize, that as a business, condominium management is unique. It requires, on one hand, seasoned business experience and financial acumen to protect the owner’s investment. It must be tempered, however, with sensitivity when dealing, on a personal emotional level, with owners’ needs.
We, at Renaissance Management, have the ability and flexibility to accommodate a variety of Board philosophies; yet, we can offer insightful input for the establishment of reasonable and consistent policies.

You will receive the personal attention from the principal of the company
You are guaranteed frequent inspections
The owners are assured of immediate emergency call- backs
Thorough trade supervision is stressed to obtain value for your money

Our management style, to excuse the cliché, is to get the job done right the first time. With a “measure twice – cut once” philosophy and approach.

Other Condo and Property Services provided by Renaissance Management: