About Us – Property Managers

Vicki Wells

Vicki is a top-performing administrative professional, with an impressive 10 year record in customer service and property management. She eschews the ‘mundane’ and relishes the diverse challenges afforded her in managing a portfolio of condominium projects. Communication is her forte. Her philosophy of always remember and recognize the human in people endears her to her clients for her inter-personal skills. Sensitive and empathetic, yet forthright and reasonable, Vicki always tells it like it is and always returns calls! When asked, how would you describe Vicki, some of her clients volunteered: “dedicated, professional, extremely organized, detailed, efficient and always keeps her word. We would “ditto” those remarks and add that Vicki is the spark-plug that ignites the office. Her youthful enthusiasm is contagious. When not attending meetings, answering emails or undertaking site inspections, one can find Vicki backpacking through the woods for prime camping and fishing spots with her dog, Captain.

Gary Weiler

Gary’s profile has been chiseled out of the oil fields. Owning his own successful Land Company for over 40 years, he brings a corporate- world dimension to Renaissance.

Focus, attention to detail and communication skills are his forte. His team spirit is admirably witnessed in over 40 years of community volunteer work and participation with various boards. Having served over 40 years as a member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen, volunteer on numerous Grey Cup committees, Director of the Calgary Stampede Downtown Attraction Committee and Chairman of the Chuckwagon Committee, Gary now uses his multi-faceted skills within a condominium board room.

“If I can tame a bunch of chuckwagon drivers, I can certainly survive the rigors of a condominium board room” says a confident Gary.

When not slaying the condominium dragon, Gary chauffeurs his wife and 2 Papillon pups in their motor home in search of the perfect camp site for their wine tasting retreats.


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